Grosvenor Waterside, Chelsea

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Client: Grosvenor Waterside Residents Company Ltd

Value: £25,000,000

Contract: JCT 2016 without Quantities

Project Manager: Carter Jonas

Architect: DMWR

Quantity Surveyor: Quantem Consulting

Structural Engineer: Mason Navarro Pledge

Façade Consultant: Patrick Ryan

This negotiated contract is for the removal and replacement of cladding to two luxury residential apartment blocks known as Grosvenor Waterside, in Chelsea, West London.

The works are required to ensure the building’s compliance with current Building Regulations.

The works comprise the removal of the current cladding, some of which is made up of combustible materials, and replacement with materials certified to A1 standards. This also involves the removal and replacement of the Dura Stone to access the materials behind the stone cladding which will require removal, with all necessary fire breaks and cladding fixings checked and re-installed as required.

Grosvenor Waterside is a fully occupied, residential apartment complex and the precise planning and careful management of the works is of paramount importance to ensure disruption to residents is kept to an absolute minimum.

Our highly professional project team, supported by experienced Resident Liaison Officers, ensures lines of communication remain open between all parties at all times, with information of upcoming activities communicated well in advance and assistance provided wherever practicable to aid the continuation of normal life for residents throughout the works.